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The Malaysian Red Crescent's Emergency Ambulance Service is probably the oldest and most familiar amongst Malaysians, having been responding to ‘999' calls since 1969. It complements and supplements the Government Emergency Medical Services and is available in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas. The Ministry of Health, Malaysia reimburses MRC for providing this service.

The Malaysian public may also utilise the MRC(Chapter Klang)Ambulance Service for non-emergency standby services with minimal charges. These services include:

1)Standby duty at public functions such as festivals, sports, motor racing, national and international conferences and visits of foreign Heads of State and Ministers, etc.

    • 2)Standby duty during aircraft emergency landings/crashes and other emergencies .
  • 3)Transfer of patients from Klang Valley to other state/district hospitals and homes.

There are currently 4 ambulances each operated by 2 qualified Ambulance Medical Aides (AMA) and equipped with Basic Life Support equipment such as oxygen cylinder, spinal board, scoop stretcher, cervical collar and first aid kit.

Admin & Personnel: 603-33727454
Hot line:603-33737999