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Blood Donation Drive

Blood donation is yet another act of selflessness favoured by those who wish to do something more or different; they may not have the resources to make monetary contributions or may not have the time or skill to engage in our voluntary programmes.

It has long been a ‘tradition' of the Movement to provide free blood to those in need and the Malaysian Red Crescent(Chapter Klang) steadfastly upholds this cornerstone activity. Whilst the National Blood Bank (NBB) is the primary body for blood distribution, we strive to be the primary organisation to recruit, register and service blood donors. We work with NBB not only to ensure continuous and coordinated supply of blood but also to ensure that it is safe.

MRC(Chapter Klang)would be delighted to support your organisation in organising blood drives. This includes coordinating with NBB and the Ministry of Health to arrange for personnel and transportation for collection and delivery to NBB.

For more information and assistance, please contact us & visit our Image Gallery.