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  1. Disaster Management

    Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere and those in need can't wait; their needs are urgent. While Malaysia is fortunate to be in a geographic position where it is not vulnerable to major natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, it is nonetheless exposed to emergencies such as floods, droughts, the haze and enemy insurgence.

    The Malaysian Red Crescent(Chapter Klang) is well prepared to help vulnerable local communities during these emergencies. Working with the government, we ensure that supplies are available and our volunteers equipped and ready to be mobilised.

    Following a disaster our workers and volunteers provide vital assistance for people's basic needs including emergency lodging, emergency food supplies, emergency clothing and family reunification.

    We work in partnership with first responders, emergency managers and public officials to support their response activities. We also work in collaboration with other voluntary sector organisations.

    In addition to local communities we also support our counterparts in other parts of the world, in their time of need, whether by sending our volunteers and responders or raising disaster relief funds.

    How you can help

    All Red Crescent assistance is provided free of charge thanks to thousands of volunteers who give their time to train extensively and respond. Our services also rely on the generous financial support of individual and corporate donors.

    You can help either by volunteering or making a contribution.