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First Aid Training

Why learn First Aid?
First aid is the immediate care given to a person who is injured or suddenly becomes ill. In an emergency situation lack of first aid knowledge could lead to injuries and disabilities and even unnecessary deaths. As such it is important that individuals are equipped with basic first aid and CPR as it could make a difference between life and death.

First Aid includes recognising life-threatening conditions and taking action to keep the injured or ill person alive and in the best possible condition until medical treatment can be obtained. It is easy to learn, remember and do.

According to the Factory and Machinery Act1967 Article 38,Section and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994(Act 514),Section 15(1) had outlined the importance of First Aider's and First Aid Kit at the work site.Indeed,it is very much essential to train and expose all the employee towards First aid and CPR technique, in order to handle any occupational accidents at the working compound and home.

Our Valuable Courses:

1) First Aid Talk/Training.

2) Introduction First Aid & CPR.

3) Basic First Aid & CPR.

4) Advanced First Aid CPR.

5) Ambulance Handling and Management Training.

*Certificates will be issue for all the above trainings which is recogonized by The Malaysian Government & The International Red Crescent.

For your kind information, the cost of the above training can be claimed under the Training Support Scheme of Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). Our Instructors are Qualified & Registered by National Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) & Human Resource Development Fund(HRDF).

Malaysian Red Crescent is one of the Institutions Recognized by the department of Occupational Safety and Health,Ministry of Human Resource,Malaysia,for providing on First-Aid in the Workplace.


MRC(Chapter Klang)believes that first aid should be part of everyone's basic education.